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Burned the young man alive by dressing him in his son’s clothes, then extorted 56 lakhs from the insurance company, after 18 years…

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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In Uttar Pradesh’s Agra, police have arrested an accused in an 18-year-old murder case. It is alleged that he fabricated the story of his own son’s death. He has also handled this story very cleverly. Then from the insurance company Rs. 56 lakhs seized. When the matter came to light, he ran away somewhere. The police were looking for him for a long time. Now the accused has been caught by the police.

The case is from Rakabganj area of ​​Agra. 18 years ago, a car caught fire near the Agra Fort, in which one person was said to have been burnt to death. In the name of death, the insurance company gave Rs 56 lakh to the family. But the insurance company later found that the death report was false. This whole thing has been done to make money.

According to information, Vijaypal had a travel agency business in Noida. Due to loss in business, Vijayapal conspired with his associates Ramveer and Abhay Singh. Vijayapal had taken many insurances for his son. To get this amount, Vijayapal had plotted the death of his son Anil. Vijayapal along with his accomplices first killed a mentally challenged person. His dead body was dressed in the clothes of his son Anil. He was then put in Anil’s car and set on fire.

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Everywhere it was said that Anil had an accident near the Agra Fort. The car caught fire and he died. False documents of Anil’s death were prepared. Then deposited them in the insurance company. Later an insurance of Rs.56 lakh was taken from the company.

The accused lived in Gujarat

After this fake murder, Anil and his father started living in Gujarat. Then someone told the insurance company that Anil was with his father. After this the insurance company contacted the Gujarat Police. Police arrested the mastermind Vijaypal and his son Anil from Gujarat. This information was then given to the Agra Police. Gujarat and Agra police together arrested Vijaypal’s associate Ramveer. The search for Abhay is on.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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