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Bullies don’t get publicity! Police have closed 200 social media accounts

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Delhi Police (File Photo)

The Special Cell of Delhi Police has launched a major operation against gangsters called ‘No Name-No Fame’. Meaning they will have no name and their terror will not spread. For the last few days, the investigating agencies were getting inputs that the big gangsters of the country are attracting the youth through their social media accounts. Gang recruitment was done through these accounts. The big thing is that gangsters post crime videos on these social media accounts and take responsibility and grab money.

In such a situation, it was necessary to attack the social media accounts of these gangsters to break their network. Special Cell did exactly that and shut down about 200 of their social media accounts. The rest are still being processed. Now, neither the names of the gangsters will be mentioned in the media nor the stories of their arrested crimes will be told.

In the recent firing incident at Burger King in Rajouri Garden, the name of a girl named Annu has come to the fore, this girl has also entered the world of crime after being influenced by the social media account of foreign gangster Himanshu Bhau. The Delhi Police may now have understood the saying ‘what if it is infamous, but it is famous’. Hence, the police want to directly attack the business of gangsters who run in the name of fear. DCP Amit Kaushik of the Special Cell says that he and his team will work against the gangsters, but the names of the gangsters will not be revealed.

DCP Amit Kaushik’s team conducted five operations against gangsters in the last five days. Special Cell DCP Amit Kaushik formed different teams and these teams were led by the flamboyant Inspector Shiv Kumar and Satish Rana. In these five operations, the police arrested a total of 15 gangsters, out of which five are new recruits. That is, no case has been registered against these five so far. All five youths took to the path of crime after seeing the gangster’s social media accounts and being influenced by his criminal lifestyle. They were also told when and where to commit the first crime, but before they could climb the criminal ladder, they were caught by the law.

  • The first police operation was conducted in Jalandhar Punjab, a police team arrested a lady don and her associate from there. During the interrogation of the duo, the police found that they had recruited three new boys for the gangsters based abroad. In an operation conducted on June 21, Delhi Police again arrested three 19-year-old boys from near Kashmiri Gate. The police also recovered a pistol and bullets from him. No case was registered against the trio at present, but their targets were set, one to kill and the other to shoot to intimidate a businessman into extortion.
  • Another operation was conducted on 19 and 20 June, under this operation, the Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested a vicious criminal from Chawla area. Cases like murder, attempt to murder have been registered against this shooter, who was arrested from Delhi’s Chawla. According to the police, he was also wanted in a murder in Faridabad.
  • The third operation was conducted on the night of June 21, during which the police arrested a total of 5 accused. They are associated with different banks and all four, except one, have a criminal record. Police have also recovered a pistol and bullets from one of the five.
  • Under the fourth operation, Delhi Police has arrested a shooter from Faridabad. The accused fired at the club owner in Fatehpur Bari.
  • On June 21, police arrested shooters associated with different gangsters and recovered pistols from them. Police said that all these were to commit major crimes soon.
Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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