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Budget 2024: A big decision will be taken regarding petrol and diesel in the budget; There will be less pressure on your pocket, Modi government will give this guarantee in the third term!

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The National Democratic Alliance government has come to power for the third time. After Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister for the third time, preparations have now started to present the full budget. The interim budget 2024 was presented in the month of February. Now there are a lot of expectations from the full budget. It is expected that there will be a big decision regarding petrol and diesel in the budget. The burden on the pockets of the citizens is likely to be reduced.

Tax relief up to Rs 20 lakh

The government can give relief to taxpayers in the full budget. India Inc has expressed some expectations to the government regarding the budget. In this, CII chief Sanjeev Puri has strongly demanded tax relief for taxpayers with income up to Rs 20 lakh. According to some experts, the central government will try to remove the resentment of the middle class in view of the Lok Sabha results.

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There was no relief in the interim budget

This year the interim budget was presented on February 1. But no relief was announced in income tax. Earlier, Nirmala Sitharaman had said that income tax relief can be considered in the full budget coming in July.

Far from angering the middle class

Inflation has reached record heights in the last ten years. Modi government has failed to control inflation. Instead of decreasing, inflation has increased. Due to this, the middle class has been hit hard. Their entire budget has been ruined due to not getting any concessions. In this full budget, it will be necessary for the Modi government to try to remove the resentment of the middle class not only through tax concessions but also through other means.

Big step regarding petrol and diesel

Petrol and diesel prices across the country… (Petrol Diesel Price) The exercise to implement a tax is still going on. For many years, there has been an effort to bring fuel under the ambit of GST. No decision has been taken yet. But a big cut in fuel tax is expected. If this happens, it will not take long for inflation to come under control. The burden on the pocket of the middle class will be much lighter. The budget will reflect what the government is trying to do.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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