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Brother-in-law used to do dirty work, even when sister-in-law got married, there was no reward… Now after 12 years, husband took revenge

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A man tried to kill his own 12-year-old daughter-in-law twice in Ranchi, Jharkhand. After all one and a half survived. But the third time finally the person killed the brother-in-law. The man had taken an oath 12 years ago that he would kill his daughter-in-law. On June 11, he held a pistol to his brother-in-law’s head and shot him dead. Due to which the brother-in-law died on the spot. The case is related to illicit relations.

The incident took place in Dulmi village of OP police station area. Accused’s wife and her son-in-law had an immoral relationship. The daughter-in-law had forced physical relations with her for many years. The accused’s wife told her husband that her daughter-in-law used to molest her before marriage. The name of the deceased was Arjun Mahato. The name of the accused of murder is Sameer Koiri. Sameer told the police that Arjun had illicit relations with his wife. He failed to kill Arjun Mahato twice. But he killed him a third time.

A loaded country-made pistol, one bullet, one shell and one knife have been recovered from the accused. The case of this murder came to light on Wednesday. Samir Koiri, a resident of Purulia, Bengal, got married in Bandu, Ranchi in 2012. After the wedding, Sameer finds out that his wife is having an illicit relationship with his elder brother-in-law. When he inquired about this from his wife, he came to know that every time Arjun (brother-in-law) came to his in-laws’ house before marriage, he used to forcefully have physical relations with her. He protested against his brother-in-law Arjuna several times, but he did not obey.

The relationship continued even after marriage

Sameer’s wife said that she could not tell anyone about it for fear of public embarrassment. Meanwhile he got married. Even after marriage, Arjun had forced sex with Sameer’s wife several times. Sameer was told about this by his father-in-law. But no one did anything. After which Sameer made a plan to kill his brother-in-law Arjun. Two or three times he tried to kill Arjuna but could not succeed.

Came secretly and shot and ran away

Meanwhile, a party was organized at Sameer’s elder brother-in-law’s house in Dulmi on 11 May 2024. Sameer was not invited to this. But Sameer reached Dulmi by bike. Waited for the night to fall. As soon as the party was over, Arjun went to sleep in his room. Sameer reached there hiding. Arjun was then shot. After which he ran away from the place. People present in the house went to Arjun’s room after hearing the gunshot. He was rushed to the hospital. But the doctors declared Arjun dead. The enmity between Sameer and Arjun was well known. Hence the family members suspected Sameer. Sameer breaks down under stern questioning. He confessed to the murder.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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