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Bloody game for just a foot of land, neighbor hacked with ax… pregnant woman not spared

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A neighbor attacked a neighbor with an ax for occupying just 1 feet of land in Sajeti Police Station area of ​​Kanpur. The neighbor was seriously injured in the attack which led to his death. A woman has also been seriously injured in this bloody game. A bloody conflict between two neighbors has created a sensation in the entire area. The police have recovered the dead body and arrested the accused.

According to information, the entire case is from Akbarpur Birbalpur village in Sajet, where a land dispute between two neighbors escalated to such an extent that one person died and a woman was seriously injured. Arvind Kumar, a resident of the village, was working as a labourer. He lived peacefully with his wife and children. But he had daily arguments with Mulchand Nishad who lived next door. On Saturday, Arvind’s wife came out and started cleaning the drain there.

Meanwhile Moolachandra came there and started swearing. Meanwhile, Arvind also came out and a heated argument took place between the two. After this Moolchandra got angry and picked up an ax and attacked Arvind’s throat. Meanwhile, Moolchandra also attacked Arvind’s pregnant wife with an ax who came to intervene. Arvind died on the spot due to the ax wound. While his wife was injured, police took her to CHC Ghatampur, after which she was referred to Hallett Hospital.

In the case, ADCP Ankita Sharma said that Moolchandra, a resident of the same village, attacked his neighbor with an ax due to a land dispute. Due to which a person named Arvind has died. The deceased’s wife is seriously injured and is currently undergoing treatment. Now the police have arrested the accused named Moolchandra. The police are currently busy interrogating the accused.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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