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BJP’s survey shows reduced seats, Shinde faction leader makes big allegation; should we join Mahagathbandhan?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The grand alliance had to face a big defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. With the four parties coming together, the grand alliance has claimed that elections will be held on more than 45 seats in Maharashtra. However, in reality, the alliance has lost its steam. Now the blame for the defeat in this election is being put on each other and allegations and counter-allegations are being made. After Shinde faction leaders Ramdas Kadam, Shambhuraj Desai, Sanjay Shirsat put forth their views on this defeat, now Shinde faction MLA Sanjay Gaikwad has also given a big statement. Gaikwad has directly pointed fingers at the internal survey of BJP in the elections. Therefore, such a picture has been created that he will join the grand alliance.

MLA Sanjay Gaikwad has expressed this reaction while talking to the media. Our seats were suddenly changed. BJP had also claimed Thane and Amravati. That’s why the atmosphere was bad. If we had got more seats, we would have definitely reached 7 to 14 seats. We would have definitely got 13 to 14 seats out of 15. All this was a game. This happened because BJP had conducted a survey. If there was a survey, it should have been kept secret. Sanjay Gaikwad asked why the survey was announced?

Elections should be contested on 100 seats

He said that it was because of the BJP that we and they suffered losses in the Lok Sabha elections, now we should contest on more than 100 seats in the assembly. He also said that if Eknath Shinde contests on 100 seats, he will win 80 seats.

I said it jokingly…

On this occasion, he also commented on Ramdas Kadam’s statement. Whatever Ramdas Kadam said, he said it jokingly. He did not mean it that way. He did not want Ajitdad to join us. But Sanjay Gaikwad has said that the decision to take Ajitdad with them was entirely BJP’s.

You will find out soon

This time he also criticized the Thackeray faction. The day Congress kicks you in the back, you will know your worth. As soon as the Muslims of the state and the country voted for jihad, your rank declined a bit. The day Congress leaves you, Sanjay Raut and Uddhav Thackeray will know their worth. Our 7 Shiledars were selected. Veer ran to dance on the umbrella in frenzy. You contested on 21 seats and got elected on 9. He also attacked the self-confidence of the Congress.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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