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Bihar: Education department is kind, headmaster runs school from jail… accused of attempted murder.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A principal running a school from prison

Running a school is not like running a business. There is a lot of responsibility and accountability for the future of the country, but even today in many places the state of government schools is in a bad state and in many places the education system has collapsed due to the negligence of the principal. A similar situation exists in Talwa village of Pokhara panchayat of Kotwa block in East Champaran district of Motihari, Bihar.

The principal of a school in this village has been in jail for almost a month and is running the school from jail. How much school in-charge Vinod Ram has studied will be known only after a departmental inquiry as the name of Bihar Education Minister Dr. Chandrasekhar Kumar is clearly written on the walls of his school even today, but still, the school was ruled by him.

Accused of Assault on Headmaster

Vinod Ram, the in-charge headmaster of Talwa Vidyalaya, Kotwa block, has been given the charge of the headmaster of the school, meaning he is the in-charge headmaster instead of being the regular headmaster. He is a panchayat teacher. A few days ago, there was an altercation with a boy from the family of Vinod Ram, the in-charge headmaster, at a wedding ceremony at the next-door neighbor’s house. After this, as the boy was passing in front of Vinod Ram’s house, Vinod Ram and his family members beat the boy so mercilessly that the boy went into a coma.

Courtesy of Department of Education

The boy’s family has lodged an FIR against Vinod Ram at the Kotwa police station. Ever since he was arrested and sent to jail, Vinod Ram has been favored by the East Champaran Education Department to such an extent that barring any departmental action, even the post of headmaster given to him as in-charge has not been taken back and Vinod Ram is still out. is Even in jail he is in charge of the school.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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