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Big news! BJP’s mega plan for political rehabilitation of Pankaja Munde, ministerial post possible along with Legislative Council

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The biggest and most important news is coming from the BJP camp. There are reports that the party is preparing for the political rehabilitation of BJP leader Pankaja Munde. There is news that a plan has been prepared by the BJP for the rehabilitation of Pankaja. BJP is preparing to send Pankaja Munde to Rajya Sabha or Legislative Council. Interestingly, if Pankaja Munde is sent to the Legislative Council, it is likely that she will get a ministerial post in the state. Pankaja Munde is a former BJP MLA. She was the Minister of State for Women and Child Development in the Devendra Fadnavis government. She was also the guardian minister of Beed district. Pankaja Munde’s father Gopinath Munde was a popular leader. After his death, Pankaja became more active in Maharashtra politics. Pankaja Munde has a lot of followers. She has great support from the OBC community. Therefore, information is being received from sources that BJP is preparing to politically rehabilitate Pankaja Munde to turn the votes of the OBC community towards itself in the upcoming assembly elections.

Elections will be held on July 13 for 11 Legislative Council seats. So has Pankaja Munde really been given a chance in the Legislative Council? This is what is being discussed in political circles. According to sources, Pankaja Munde is an OBC face. Therefore, she will be given a chance in the Legislative Council. Also, if the cabinet is expanded for the next three months, then there is a possibility that Pankaja Munde’s ministerial post will also be announced. Information is being received from sources that the party leaders have decided to keep Pankaja Munde active in state politics.

What is the math behind Pankaja Munde’s political rehabilitation?

BJP leader Pankaja Munde lost the Lok Sabha elections. NCP Sharad Pawar faction candidate Bajrang Sonawane defeated Pankaja Munde. In this election, many things have been seen at the local level in Beed. After the agitation of Maratha leader Manoj Jarange Patil, there is a lot of difference of opinion between the Maratha and OBC community in Beed. The number of citizens of the OBC community in the state is also large. Therefore, to please the OBC community, Pankaja Munde may need to be appointed to the ministerial post. By doing this, BJP can get good votes from the OBC community in the upcoming assembly elections.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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