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Big move of Congress, preparing to fight on its own, what are you doing?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Mahavikas Aghadila Changlam fame in Lok Sabha elections. Congress became the largest party especially in Maharashtra. Congress has a total of 13 Jaganwar Yash Alans in Maharashtra. Tyapathopath Thakar Gatala 9 Jaganwar Yash Alan. Tar Sharad Pawar Gatala 8 Jaganwar Yash Milal. After this, information is being received that big activities are going on in the Congress party. Congress is all set to contest all the 11 assembly seats in Jalgaon district alone. According to the information received, the Congress party has started the search for candidates for 11 assembly seats in Jalgaon district. If need be will be awakened and along with Maha Vikas Aghadi, else as per the order of the party Congress will be awakened and contest all the 11 assembly seats of the district on its own. Congress Jalgaon district president Pradeep Pawar gave information about this.

After Mahavikas Aghadila Moth gained fame in the state’s Lok Sabha, there has been an uproar among Congress workers and officials in Jalgaon district. Aspirants interested in the Assembly have already started submitting their reports at the Jalgaon Congress Bhawan office from today. Taluka Inspectors have been informed to submit the names and report of interested candidates in the district offices within seven days.

Congress should be bowed down and pardoned, the demand of the district president

An emergency meeting of the Congress was called at Jalgawat Congress Bhavan in the rear of the Legislative Assembly following orders from the senior level. Or officers and workers were informed about planting Kamala in the meeting. The district president expressed the expectation that the Congress’s policy of contesting the elections with Mahavikas Aghadi and the opposition of the Assembly would be forgiven.

Order to submit names of interested candidates within seven days

Whatever decision Mahavikas Aghadit takes, it will happen. But to make your preparations Congress party has started campaigning for candidates in 11 assembly seats of the district. The Taluka Inspectors have been informed that the interested candidates should deposit their boats and reports in the district offices within seven days. The party’s policy is to increase the strength of the Congress in constituencies where Aghadis have been formed and field candidates in all 11 constituencies where Aghadis have not been formed. Pursuant to which an urgent meeting was held.

All observers and presiding officers were given voter cards and sample forms. Assembly election observers have been entrusted with a huge responsibility. The meeting sessions have started. Congress has prepared to contest all the 11 assembly seats of Jalgaon district alone.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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