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Big action against Baba after Hathras tragedy, ban on satsang in Agra

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Big action against Bhole Baba after Hathras accident

116 devotees who attended the alleged satsang of Narayan Sakar Hari and Sant Bhole Baba were trampled to death. In which women and children are also involved. Now Baba’s satsang has been banned by the administration. Baba’s satsang was scheduled to take place on July 4 at Saiya in Agra. All preparations were made for this. Permission was also taken from the Deputy District Magistrate for satsang. But after this incident, the administration has canceled the satsang to be held in Agra.

Bhole Baba’s alleged satsang was organized at a place beside the highway in Phulwai village. The organizers had decorated a huge pandal for this. The satsang was only for one day, due to which the devotees started reaching the pandal from the morning itself. Sant Bhole Baba arrived spontaneously at 12 noon. He became happy. Among the followers who considered Baba as their idol, there were many policemen who were hailing Baba with raised hands. To prevent the followers from going out of control, Baba’s servants in pink were also deployed.

Fear of hiding in an ashram

If sources are to be believed, Baba is hiding in an ashram in Mainpuri. The police are holding back from laying hands on him. He whose satsang died is hidden in this ashram. His followers have also gathered here in large numbers. One of the characteristics of Narayana Hari is that he does not wear saffron clothes, but prefers to wear a white suit and tie. His other favorite garment is the kurta-pyjama. During his preaching he says that he keeps nothing from the charity given to him and spends it on his devotees.

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Due to which there was a stampede

Manoj Kumar Singh, who was recently appointed as the state’s chief secretary, said that overcrowding was one of the reasons behind the accident. The followers started running after Baba’s vehicle. After his departure, people take the soil there and worship him. As a result, people began to bend over and fall, leading to a stampede. The application for the program stated the number of devotees at 80,000. However, the numbers at the venue were much higher.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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