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Beware of fake litchi and watermelon in the market, identify whether they are edible or not

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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At this time, litchi and watermelon are being sold in large quantities in the market. Fruits are very important for health. That is why many people pay attention to eating fruits. But before bringing them home, we do not know whether these fruits are edible or not. Litchi and watermelon are sold in large quantities in the market these days. But eating it can harm your health. If you are told this, your concern may increase. Because if you eat these fake fruits for a long time, you can become a victim of serious diseases. Let us know before buying them whether these fruits are available for just 2 rupees or not.

Fake litchi and watermelon

Now when we say fake fruits, you might think that these fruits are made of plastic or rubber. It also does not mean that it is made in a lab. Fake fruits are those that are grown in the wrong way. Harmful colors are used to make these fruits look good and red.

Red colour is injected into adulterated watermelons to make them look red from inside. Apart from this, sugar syrup is used to make them sweet. In this way, red colour is sprayed on green litchis to make them look ripe. To make litchis sweet, small holes are made in them and they are kept in packs. After some time, they are taken out and sold.

How to identify it now?

You may want to use a cotton swab to know if the fruit you are buying is the right one. If you rub this cotton swab on the litchi and it turns red, it means that dye has been sprayed on it. After cutting the Kalingad, rub it on a cotton swab to see if the watermelon has also been dyed red. If the cotton turns red, it has been injected with dye.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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