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Bengal: 8 killed, 50 injured… Kanchenjunga express and freight train collided with mistake, railway itself said it was a mistake

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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8 killed in train accident in Bengal

A goods train hit Sealdah-bound Kanchenjunga Express near Rangpani station in West Bengal this morning. 8 people died in this accident. At the same time, around 50 people were injured. Kanchenjunga was moving at a slow speed when it was hit by a speeding goods train from behind, senior railway officials said. The rear three coaches of the Kanchenjunga Express derailed after the collision.

The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Katihar Division of North Frontier Railway said that around 8:45 am, train number 13174, Kanchenjunga Express was leaving Agartala for Sealdah when it met with the accident. Railway Board CEO and Chairman Jaya Verma Sinha said that 5 passengers died in the mishap, apart from goods train’s loco pilot, assistant loco pilot and Kanchenjunga Express guard also lost their lives. The incident site was about 10 km from New Jalpaiguri station. Those injured in the accident have been admitted to a medical college in Siliguri. The relief work has been completed.

A goods train collided by ignoring the signal

Talking about the cause of the train accident, Jaya Verma Sinha said that the accident took place on Monday morning. The Agartala to Sealdah Kanchenjunga train was a victim of an accident. A freight train later ignored the signal and hit the Kanchenjunga Express. Due to which the rear guard compartment of Kanchenjunga Express was completely damaged. Two parcel vans were attached to the front of that guard’s compartment. This was the reason why many passengers were not harmed.

Loco pilot of goods train dies in an accident

He said that after the mishap, Railway Area Officer and ADRM in Jalpaiguri along with their team immediately reached the spot. Apart from this, the local people had reached there early. People from state and district administration were also present at the spot. A total of 8 people died in the accident, including 5 passengers, a loco pilot (of goods train), an assistant loco pilot (of goods train) and a guard (of Kanchenjunga Express). The rest of the injured have been taken to North Bengal Medical College, where they are undergoing treatment.

50 have been injured in the accident

Jaya Verma said that around 50 people were injured in the accident, who were taken to the hospital with the help of an ambulance. Doctors from Railway Hospital have also reached there and are treating the injured. He said that first of all we worked to provide medical help to the injured people. We are making all efforts to save the lives of the injured. Helpline numbers have been issued for the stations where this train stopped from Agartala to Sealdah. The railway board chairman said that the train which met with the accident will be taken to its destination along with a coach carrying children.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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