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Beer can in hand, policeman sitting next to him… This is how UP Police is catering to criminals

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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This is how police are catching criminals

Police of Gorakhpur district is frequently in the news. About three years ago, Manish, a businessman from Kanpur, was badly beaten up by the police of Ramgarhtal police station in a molestation case, which led to his death. After that, the SSP recently suspended Sonbarsa outpost in-charge and two constables and registered a case of extortion. The CO is also investigating it now.

The latest case is that of Nausad police station. Here a constable is said to be a close friend of the post-in-charge and often sits on his chair. It is also revealed that he has recovered all the illegal activities in the area. It was the constable who made the youth who was driving illegal bus stand and dangerous vehicles sit in the checkpoint and drink beer. The picture with the beer went viral on the internet. SSP Dr. taking immediate action on the viral picture. Gaurav Grover has suspended constable Chandrabhan Singh, seen in the picture. Apart from this, a departmental inquiry has also been ordered in this matter.

Hospitality on the chair

Nausad police post in Gida police station area is also frequently in the news. 15 days ago, a woman accused the post in-charge of assault. When the matter had not cooled down, Chandrabhan Singh, the constable of this police station, entertained the young man driving the illegal bus stand and dangerous vehicle by placing him on the chair in front of him. The young man has a can of beer in his hand.

Beer can in hand, policeman by his side

In the photo, it can be clearly seen that the accused is holding a can of beer and is drinking and a policeman is sitting next to him. People around say that such incidents happen frequently at the police station, people who regularly deliver money to the police station are treated like this by the police. If anyone complains about such people, the police send him away threatening to implicate him in another case. Not only this, the young man seen in the picture often sits at this police station from morning till night and does whatever he wants with the complainant. Due to his access to the police station, his opponents do not dare to complain about him, due to which he often misbehaves and acts arbitrarily with passengers and others.

The SSP ordered an inquiry

The photo of the constable and the illegal bus stand operator has quickly gone viral on the internet media. The matter reached the SSP. Taking immediate action on this, he has suspended the Constable Chandrabhan Singh seen in the picture. A departmental inquiry has also been ordered. The SSP said strict action would be taken against anyone found guilty after completion of the investigation.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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