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Be happy, 6 days before the release of Bharatiya 2, Kamal Haasan had a big talk on Bharatiya 3.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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What is Kamal Haasan’s opinion about Indian 3?

It has been a long time since South superstar Kamal Haasan did a film. The actor has been doing films for 5 decades and even today at the age of 70 he is playing the lead role. The actor’s Bharatiya 2 is coming after a long time. Apart from this, he will also be a part of a film called Thug Life. Apart from this, the actor has now opened up about his other dream project. He has said that he is even more excited about the film Indian 3.

Kamal Haasan said during the promotions of his film Indian 2 in Singapore that he did Indian 2 only because he was so excited for Indian 3. But this matter was circulated in the media as if Kamal Haasan was saying that this is not the case in the film Indian 2. Now Kamal Haasan said during his recent pre-release event that if he is saying that Indian 3 is his favourite, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like Indian 2.

Kamal Haasan did it cleanly

In a recent statement, Kamal Haasan clarified saying – If I have said I like Indian 3, it doesn’t mean I don’t like Indian 2. You always gravitate towards sweets when you eat food. My wait for Indian 3 is exactly like this. This is exactly like someone asking who do you like better between your mother and father. I did not request a third part of the film. Earlier this film had only one part. So, don’t compare my love for Indian 3 with Indian 2. Talking about the movie Indian 2, the movie will release on 12th July 2024.

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