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Bareilly: Trapped in love by changing name, forced to convert by feeding beef… Victim appeals to SSP for justice

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Converted by eating beef

A sensational case of love jihad has come to light in Bareilly. Here, a young man, hiding his identity, first lured the girl into a love trap, had a relationship with her and then converted the girl by bringing her to Al Hazrat Dargah in Bareilly. The girl was fed beef during the marriage. Then when she got pregnant, she was forced to have an abortion. The girl has appealed to the SSP for justice.

A young man from Behri Nagar pretended to be a Hindu and had a love affair with a girl from Bihar in Delhi and brought her to Bareilly after persuading her. The girl alleged that she was brought to Ala Hazrat Dargah in Bareilly and got married and converted by feeding her beef. When the girl became pregnant, she was forced to have an abortion.

The brother-in-law also raped

Not only this, the girl has also alleged that her brother-in-law also raped her and beat the girl and threw her out of the house. It is alleged that he was also threatened with burning if he returned home again. The girl reached the Bahri police station and lodged a written complaint about this, but the police did not take any action and sent her away from the police station. Frustrated, the woman complained about the whole matter to the SSP and the SSP ordered to register a case after investigation.

The victim expressed fear of murder

The victim said that she was living in a rented room in Delhi. The accused youth’s room was nearby. He tells her his name is Rana and befriends her and slowly lures her into his love trap. According to the girl, the young man brought her to his home in Bahrain one and a half years ago. Then he came to know that the young man belonged to another community. Here the accused forcefully converted her in the shrine, after which he married her. The victim says that she is now fearing for her life. She might even be killed and she is scared. He clearly says that action should be taken against the accused soon or he may be killed.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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