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Bareilly: First wife brought in the house, second wife… Mother of two children was thrown out of the house after giving triple talaq.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Despite the strict laws on triple talaq in the country, the process of giving talaq is not stopped. The latest case has come from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. Here a young man got married again after getting married first. After marriage, the woman had two children. One day suddenly the accused husband reached home and after a fight gave her triple talaq. The woman’s children made a video of the divorce on her mobile and the woman took down the video and went to the SSP to complain.

The woman has appealed to the SSP for justice. The woman alleged that her husband was already married and had married her a second time by hiding the details of her first marriage. Now her husband has given her triple talaq. The woman alleged that he does not even give her food at home. The woman’s condition is bad and she is crying. Currently, the police is investigating the entire matter.

Marriage by Fraud

The entire case is related to the lychee garden of Kila Police Station in Bareilly. Soni Khan, a resident of this place, alleges that four years ago, a young man from Kakartola police station Baradari tricked her and married her. Accused was already married, then had two children. One day the husband came home, accompanied by his first wife and brother-in-law.

The children made the video

It is alleged that earlier these people beat up Soni Khan. After which the husband gave her triple talaq in front of everyone. Her children videoed her divorce and she begged for mercy, but her husband ended the relationship in no time. The woman has also alleged that she was already being harassed continuously and was not even given food at home.

My husband used to beat me

Her husband used to beat her too. The victim also alleged that the husband told her that the children were not his. Disturbed by her husband’s behavior, Soni has written a letter to the SSP and complained. She approached the SSP office to complain about her children and pleaded for justice. The SSP has ordered a probe into the entire matter.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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