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BAP-BJP war of words, Rajkumar Rot says- CM should come to take blood sample for DNA of tribals himself

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Rajkumar Rot attacked the BJP Education Minister

Politics has started between two parties regarding tribal society in Rajasthan. Congress Party and BAP have strongly condemned the statement made by the Education Minister regarding tribal society in the state. Congress president Govind Singh Dotasara and Bharatiya Adivasi Party MP Rajkumar Rot said the BJP would have to bear the consequences of such statements.

In fact, the state education minister Madan Dilawar made a controversial statement regarding the tribal community. During a media interaction, in response to a question, he said that to confirm whether tribal community people are Hindu or not, they should ask their ancestors about their genealogy and if they still don’t know, get their DNA. tested.

The Chief Minister himself should come for the blood test

Rajkumar Rot of the Congress struck and said that an anti-tribal campaign would be launched against Madan Dilawar. He said that if DNA testing of tribals is to be done then Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma and Madan Dilawar will have to come here to take blood samples. The Congress strongly criticized this statement and said that the education minister is proving his mental illness by making such a statement.

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Seeing the growing controversy, what did he say in defense?

Seeing the growing controversy over his statement, Education Minister Madan Dilawar said that tribals are an integral part of our Hindu society and will not be misled by some people. This is the best society and they will not fall victim to their i.e. father’s party. He said that people from tribal society are the best, this is a society that has protected trees for years. It is because of tribal society that we get clean air. People coming from tribal background are the lifeblood of the society.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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