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Bangladeshi Muslim ‘Minar’ became ‘Shubho Das’, played ‘Ghela’ in Madrasa of Bengal!

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Gujarat Police has arrested a Bangladeshi national.Image credit source: twitter

There are continuous allegations of infiltration into West Bengal from Bangladesh. Now the Gujarat Police has arrested a Muslim citizen of Bangladesh, who was living there as a Hindu. The police have seized from him a Hindu name certificate of ‘Shubho Das’ from a West Bengal government-aided madrasa. The BJP has targeted the state government of Mamata Banerjee and alleged that madrassas are being used to change the documents of Bangladeshi Muslims.

Gujarat Minister of State for Police Harsh Sanghvi raised this issue by tweeting on the handle of the axe. He said that the Bangladeshi Muslim has been arrested by the Special Operation Group of Surat Police. Gujarat’s Minister of State for Police claimed that the man had created his religious identity with the help of a madrassa run by the West Bengal government. A Bangladeshi Muslim created fake documents in the name of a Hindu using a fake certificate obtained from a madrasa.

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Surat Police has arrested a Bangladeshi national

Minister of State for Police Harsh Sanghvi tweeted that Surat Police SOG (Gujarat Police) has made a big revelation. A Muslim Bangladeshi has changed his name to Hindu in his documents with the help of a fake certificate issued by a West Bengal government-aided madrassa. This is a major security concern. In the latest budget, the West Bengal government has sanctioned Rs 5530 crore for madrasas.

According to sources, the Bangladeshi man’s real name is Minar Himayat Sardar. But he became Shubho Das by creating fake documents. Gujarat’s Minister of State for Police Harsh Sanghvi immediately posted on him

Sukanth’s attack after the Gujarat minister

Bengal BJP President and Union Minister Sukant Majumdar also attacked the Mamata government in this matter. Sukant Majmudar wrote that the West Bengal Government had allocated Rs. 5,530 crore budget being questioned? Is it supported by the state government?

Bengal BJP spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya said that the state government should keep a strict watch on madrassas. Madrasas in Bengal are being used to change the documents of Bangladeshi Muslims.

As soon as this matter came to the fore, the politics of Bengal was in turmoil. CPM State Secretary Mohammad Salim has again questioned the central government about this. On Saturday, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina returned from Delhi after a two-day visit. PM Narendra Modi also held a bilateral meeting with Sheikh Hasina. Salim asked how the Bangladeshis came to this country, has this matter been put before the Prime Minister of Bangladesh? There should have been a bilateral discussion on this. However, there is no response from Trinamool yet.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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