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Balod: How did the ‘medicine’, doctor-husband-wife run the racket for conversion into a medical store?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A big conversion scam under the guise of a fake hospital

A major case of religious conversion under the guise of a fake hospital has come to light in Balod, Chhattisgarh. Vishwa Hindu Parishad and BJP leaders have also complained about this by making serious allegations. First, the running of a clinic without a license and on top of that the game of conversion under the guise of a clinic has become a big issue as the politics in Chhattisgarh over conversion is very heated.

From streets to homes, the issue of conversion has always been a hot topic. Before the assembly elections, the BJP had vigorously raised the issue of religious conversion. Now that Chhattisgarh is in BJP government, cases of conversion are coming to light and the biggest thing is that BJP leaders themselves are complaining about it. However, the local administration is sitting as a silent spectator without taking any action.

The CMO gave notice

EHP dispensary has been functioning for a long time at Sanjay Nagar in Daundilohra Nagar of the district, managed by Manoj Sahu and Yamini Sahu. Both are husband and wife in the relationship. Dondilohra BJP Mandal President Rupesh Sinha, District Treasurer Dilip Sharma and General Secretary BJP Mandal have written a letter to Dondilohra SDM to register a criminal case against EHP hospital and made several serious allegations. After this, SDM Shivnath Baghel has written a letter to the CMHO and now the CMHO has issued a notice to close the dispensary within three days by blocking the clinic of the quack doctor who is running the clinic illegally. Apart from this, the CMHO has issued a notice saying that action can also be taken under the Nursing Home Act.

An open game of transformation

Balram Gupta, district president of VHP, said that the game of conversion has been going on in Balod district for a long time. Illegal prayer meetings are going on in every village. In Dondilohara, clinic operator Manoj Sahu and his wife are also accused of organizing illegal prayer meetings at home under the guise of a clinic. The matter is pending investigation by the police. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has also objected to the illegal prayer meeting, but no action has been taken in the matter till date. These two are running a drug shop in a wrong way. Balram Gupta further said that the lack of legal action has boosted the morale of such people. Especially in the city of Dondilohra, there is an open game of conversion.

Clinic will be sealed- CMHO

Chief Medical and Health Officer Mahesh Suryavanshi said that the EHP dispensary located at Sanjay Nagar in Dondilohara is being run illegally. After this, after investigation by the development block level team, it was revealed that neither registration under the Nursing Home Act nor any application has been made to run this clinic. The CMHO further said that the clinic has been given notice to respond within three days, failing which action will be taken under the Nursing Homes Act, 2010.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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