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Baliraja’s Changbhal… What does Ajitdad have in his hand for the farmers?; What kind of announcement?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Ajit Pawar’s big announcement for farmers

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Ajit Pawar today presented the budget of the Shinde government for the financial year 2024-25 in the Assembly. Assembly elections will be held in Maharashtra in the next three months. Therefore, the people of the state are paying special attention to this budget session. A big announcement has been made for the farmers in the budget presented today by Ajit Pawar. Last year, farmers were upset due to not getting the expected price of cotton and soybean. But seeing the suffering of the farmers, the Shinde government has made big announcements for the farmers. “Cotton and soybean crops contribute to the income of the state. Last year, losses were suffered due to international affairs. Now it will be decided to give Rs 5 thousand per hectare to the farmers. The cabinet had already taken the decision. But there was a code of conduct. Now we are going to give 5000 to cotton-soybean farmers. Finance Minister Ajit Pawar announced that a revolving fund of Rs 200 crore will be created for onion and cotton farmers.

“The government is committed to support farmers. Many schemes like crop insurance for one rupee, Gopinath Munde grant subsidy are running. The crop insurance scheme of one rupee will continue. E Panchnama scheme will be implemented in the entire state. We are going to implement the warehouse scheme in the village for local storage of agricultural produce. We are going to repair 100 warehouses for this”, Ajit Pawar said in the assembly today.

‘New dairy scheme to be launched’

“Solar energy pumps will be given to Magel to provide free electricity to farmers. Making a big announcement, Ajit Pawar said that under this scheme, solar energy pumps will be given to 8 lakh 50 thousand farmers. “A new dairy scheme will be started. Work will be done to encourage farmers while preparing new entrepreneurs. A subsidy of Rs 5 per liter was given. The remaining subsidy will be distributed immediately. Ajit Pawar also announced that a subsidy scheme will be started at Rs 5 per liter from July 1.

‘Bamboo will be planted’

“Bamboo is being planted. A subsidy of Rs 175 per sapling will be given. Rs 20 to 25 lakh will be given in wildlife attack. Livestock loss compensation will be increased. Incomplete irrigation projects will be completed. Maharashtra Irrigation Improvement Project will be launched. Solar power project will be implemented in Sangli. 65 TMC water will be diverted from Gosekhurd project. Jal Yuk Shivar Abhiyan 2 will be implemented”, Ajit Pawar said while presenting the budget.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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