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Badrinath and Kedardham will disappear! Are these the signs?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Badrinath Dham

The time is not far when the Badrinath and Kedarnath Dhams included in the Char Dhams will disappear. Even the holy Ganges will merge again into Brahma’s lotus through Shiva’s hair. This fear was expressed by Lord Ved Vyasa about five and a half thousand years ago in Skanda Purana. He also gave some hints in this regard. In the first phase of the Kali Yuga, the apprehensions expressed in the Skanda Purana seem to be coming true. All the signs that Lord Veda Vyasa gave here are now visible.

The first sign is that the fingers of Lord Narasimha seated in the Joshimath are beginning to thin. The front part of these fingers has become like the tip of a needle. Kedar Dham is described as the resting place of Lord Shankar in the Skanda Purana. It is said that Lord Shiva rests at this place. Badrinath Dham is considered as one of the eight Vaikunthas. It is said that Lord Narayana sleeps in this holy place for six months and stays awake for the remaining six months to govern the universe.

In Satya Yuga, God used to give direct visions

In Satya Yuga, Lord Narayana used to give direct darshan to the common people along with all the gods and sages at this place. However, in Treta Yuga, Narayana stopped giving darshan to common people. At that time only gods and sages could be face to face with God. Gradually when Dwapara came the Lord disappeared and the Deity was installed on his throne. Since then, people enjoy visiting the Lord’s idol in Badrinath. According to the Skanda Purana, there will come a time in Kaliyuga when not only this idol, but also the path leading from here will disappear.

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Badrinath Road will remain closed

This will be the time when the level of sin on earth will reach its peak. According to this Purana this situation will come after five thousand years of Kali Yuga. At that time the Nara and Narayan mountains of the Kedar Valley will merge together. Due to this, the road to Badrinath and Kedarnath will be closed. This is a matter of Purana. In today’s time, if the prophecies of the Puranas are believed to be true, then all the signs are visible. Glacier eruptions in the Kedar Valley and daily occurrences of natural calamities are signaling doom.

Narasimha Dev’s fingers started getting thin

The biggest signal is coming from Joshi Math. The fingers of Lord Narasimha Dev sitting here are getting thin. The front part of these fingers has become as thin as the tip of a needle. It is said that Lord Narasimha Dev’s hands can be separated at any time. According to mythology, as soon as this happens Nara and Narayana Parvat will merge. The distance between them has already narrowed.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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