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Attack on BJP by entering his own party? Finally Ashok Chavan broke his silence

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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BJP candidate lost the Nanded Lok Sabha election. Different claims are being made on this. Some people claim that the entry of Congress MP Ashok Chavan has caused loss to BJP. Ashok Chavan has finally broken his silence on this. “What news comes is not important for me. Often there is a difference between news and reality. If we had won this, many articles full of praise would have been written. No party would let me get too excited or jump with joy. The candidate himself says that I did not make any such statement. So how did such news come? Whatever was printed was quoted and printed. This has been revealed by the candidate himself. What was the purpose behind this printing? This will continue for four to six months”, said Ashok Chavan.

On this occasion, Ashok Chavan also commented on Maratha reservation. “Misconceptions have been spread about Maratha reservation. I went to many villages and told the truth. Ten percent reservation was given, which is still applicable today. This ten percent reservation has benefited. Those who got the old certificate have been given Kunbi certificate. Action is being taken on the subject matter of Sagesorayya. We may have lacked effort to tell this to the people,” said Ashok Chavan.

What did Ashok Chavan say about Congress?

Ashok Chavan also answered the question of Congress. He said, “I do not want to talk about Congress state president Nana Patole. The results are out. The results are in front of us. It has to be accepted that Congress has got a majority. But if we look at the total vote figures, BJP has got a good vote. There is a difference of a few percent between the two. Ashok Chavan claimed that the total vote share of BJP is equal to that of Congress.

Is joining BJP a mistake?

He said, “I never felt that joining BJP was a mistake. This is my personal decision. Looking at the leadership of BJP’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we took this decision thinking that we should stay with him. You think something today, tomorrow you think something else, it does not happen like this. This is not a matter of changing your opinion based on the result of any election. There is no question of feeling like this”, Ashok Chavan said.

What did Chavan say on Prataprao Chikhlikar’s entry into the party?

This time he reacted to Prataprao Chikhlikar’s defeat. “I am not fit for any public reading. I have managed all the elections.” There are wins and losses in elections. It must be said that we have fallen short in the confidence with which we are fighting this election”, said Ashok Chavan.

“The voters of Bhokar constituency have woken up. Sometimes there is a lead of 5 thousand and sometimes there is a lead of 98 thousand. It is the voter who understands what is good and what is problematic. If we look at the example of last 2019, there has been a big difference in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections”, claimed Ashok Chavan.

“A resolution congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi was passed in the state level meeting held in Mumbai. Chandrashekhar Bawankule is the state president. He has given a program on two things. BJP was expected to get more seats in the state. What was the reason for the defeat in that place? The reasons should be found out. Some senior leaders have been appointed by the party in almost all the constituencies of Maharashtra. They will go to each district, what is the overall report, they will present it at the state level and it will be discussed”, Ashok Chavan reacted.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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