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As impatient as I was before…; The sensitive side of the communication axis

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Being a parent is a very special thing for anyone. It is even more special if you are a parent of twins. I am a father of two twins. They will complete 3 years on June 27. As a father, I have learnt to be very patient and this patience will come in handy in my new series ‘Drama Juniors’ as a judge. I am not as impatient as I used to be. Taking care of and raising children is a very tough job, Sankarshan said.

Sankarshan changed after becoming a father

Young children do not know what they will ask for, how they will behave, how they will look and what they will do. At that time you may be tired, just coming home from work. If you have a different opinion, you are not allowed to react in anger. They do not know what they are doing anymore. Because of this, a lot of patience is required to maintain them and keep them smiling. As a father, my patience has increased a lot. I control my anger and love with all my heart, says Sankarshan.

I don’t like my little children crying even for a moment. I tell my wife Shalaka to give them what they want when they cry and when they stop crying. I take them close and explain to them and they understand, Sankarshan said.

Sankarshan will soon be seen as an examiner on Zee Marathi. He will be seen in the role of an examiner in the show ‘Drama Juniors’. Where he will be seen guiding the young contestants. In his personal life, Sankarshan is a father of two children and he shared his experience as a father. Sankarshan Karhade said what I learned from my father and learned many things from him.

“My father is an honest man”

Talking about my father, he is very honest. He is a person who always follows the rules of work. I like this quality of Baba very much. I like his sentimentality and honesty very much and being his son, I always try to bring that honesty and sentimentality in my behavior. Sankarshan also said that Baba satirized how to give a good life to the whole family and how to give a good life and I am also trying to follow the same.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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