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Arrogance, contempt, humiliation or corruption! How BJP lost in UP? In the review meeting, the leaders kept explaining the reasons

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Bharatiya Janata Party

Whenever someone went to an MP, he did not even ask to sit. When Jao was saying that you voted for Modi and not us. There is one MP who has vowed not to answer his phone calls. When an MP protested in the village he said we don’t want your votes. Last time we won with 2.5 lakh rupees. This time we will win with 2 lakh rupees. All these leaders lost the election this time. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders told many such stories in front of BL Santosh sent from Delhi. Why did the BJP fail in the Lok Sabha elections this time? Party leaders cited several reasons for the defeat in front of the BJP’s national organization general secretary.

For the first time, state presidents of BJP were called to review the defeat. This type of meeting was held in front of the central leadership for the first time. Only UP leaders were critically discussing the defeat. Hence the leaders present in the meeting disclosed all the internal matters to the central leadership. The biggest reason for the defeat was the hatred of the party workers.

‘Candidates were insulted’

A regional president who was present in the meeting expressed his displeasure and said that there was a candidate who did not even take the names of the leaders of the district organization properly. Workers felt humiliated by going near him. He deliberately did not pronounce the names of the organization’s leaders correctly. There was a discussion about the candidate never getting ready before 11 am. When the people of the institute scheduled their program for 8 or 9 am, they never came.

It was also said in the review meeting that there was no enthusiasm among the workers in this election. After all, how can we live? It never occurred to me that these are the same party workers who have a double engine government. All raised the issue in the meeting that workers are not being listened to in the UP government. People come to workers and workers come to us for help. But we are all helpless against bureaucracy. There is a lot of corruption from the police station to the taluka level.

Wrong ticket even after survey and feedback

Criticizing the distribution of tickets, many expressed their opinion and said that even after so much survey and feedback from the organization, wrong people have been given tickets. There was resentment against him among the public as well as the workers, but when he got the ticket, everyone united and defeated him. Those who got the tickets despite the heavy protests were once again overwhelmed by ego. He started saying, look, I have brought the ticket, now what are you going to do? Elections were contested in the same spirit, in such a situation even the disillusioned activists became inactive.

Outsiders were inducted into the BJP to a large extent during the elections. People from other parties were allowed to join the BJP in every district from Lucknow. But it was of no avail. Sources said that 1 lakh 90 thousand outside leaders have been brought into the BJP. All this was of no use to the party. On the contrary, the old cadre of BJP itself got angry.

‘Suicide Sutra Crosses 400’

After all, party leaders have been running against these outsiders for many years. For example, people of Khabbu Tiwari in Ambedkar Nagar fought against Abhay Singh for years. Samajwadi Party’s rebel MLA Abhay’s family is now in the BJP. This happened in every district.

BL Santhosh, general secretary of BJP’s national organization, remained a mere listener in the meeting. He never commented on what anyone said. Party state president Bhupendra Chaudhary and organization general secretary Dharampal Singh intervened when necessary in between the meeting. All the state presidents said that the slogan of crossing 400 has proved to be suicidal. Then the opposition spread the word that BJP wants to change the constitution. Want to cancel the reservation. We could not break this propaganda.

Regarding the resentment spread in the party, it was said in the meeting that the people of the party continued to work against their own candidates. The activists remained apathetic, meanwhile the opposition got a chance. Before the meeting ended, BL Santosh said that now we all have to win every election together and strengthen the organization.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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