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Arrange for Dada or self-proclaimed ‘Dada’, complaint by letter to activist Ajit Pawar

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief MinisterImage Credit Source: Facebook

Kiran Lakde or Nationalist Congress worker from Baramati has written a direct letter to Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister of the state in Garane Mandalay. This letter is currently going viral on social media. Kiran Lakde has written to Ajit Pawar saying, “Dada, taking the sword of development in hand, Zalat and Anand Watla have joined the coalition government. Anand Vatla was given the post of Deputy Chief Minister and later when he was given the post of Finance Minister, Anand Gaganat Mevenasa Jhala was also given the post. Just as we common workers share your suffering, we also share your suffering. Later there were rumors of Lok Sabha elections, a strong turnout was due to the development works done by him, but the development public did not hold the sentiment. But I let go of my defeated feelings, but let’s ignore the other reasons behind it or not? Are you going to consider the true opinion of ordinary workers or not? That too should be discussed. The reason is that true and real opinions do not reach us, so we will not be motivated by evil”, the activist said in the letter.

“Dada, you come to the idea of ​​’Tyana Kuni Advlant?’ Oh, those who have progressed, you have got the posts of co-operative societies, banks, local self-government bodies and second level leaders like Khirapat Watlia’s Vatoon Taklit. Alas, those are the leaders who sometimes do not empty the windows of the car, sometimes do not share in the happiness and sorrows of others. Un maig asha vaganyanam utham village public relations kami vyaya asa kiti vel kastoy o? Using the framework provided by you, not only common people but also their family members can be filled and the desired group of relatives can be expanded. “I do not speak a word, I go to any village and start discussing openly”, this is how the house worker writes in his letter.

What is the complaint of workers against Ajit Pawar?

“Hey zalet yane ke padha kela ‘bhaltach’ varaal. But if an activist like us undertakes a normal task and responds to us, we can inform the industry in case of any threat or warning. And so, putting us aside, Advai Payi started spreading his message of ‘cooperation’ or going to the public’s court. Don’t you rely on me… ‘So I do your work, why should I come to you?’ That is why there are many people in our house who are beggars and have become very poor. But not listening to the inquiry, we did not go, but what did we do, eventually we were bullied everyday in the village”, the activist complained in a letter to Ajit Pawar.

“A Yach Asalya Barbatalya Tondani, the Pudhari of that village, asked me to vote and presented the result before me. Their appeal is that they should bring adverse results in their elections and that is why they say that only half of the self-declared candidates in the assembly should shift their elections to other constituencies and their elections should be given to workers and general public. , these people will vote for you openly and there is no doubt.

“Dada, come stop khupa garhanam ghatlan tumchi kanvar. There is only one last moment, when you are a taluk traveller, you are a village priest who goes around with his bag, cart and army of laborers and contractors, like you, it is normal. The worker and his ‘grandfather’ are on the side of the people, but Mirvaila is not there. We are going to be ‘Dadapan’ only because of AjitDada… Dada and all, you will arrange for us to be self-proclaimed ‘Dada’ by you, so forgive us for not expecting”, this is the Ujjatun Hai activists appeal to Ajit Pawar through a letter. Curry.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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