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Another bridge sinks into river in Bihar, this time in Saran accident; The bridge collapsed in the Gandak river

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The bridge over the Gandak river collapsed

The process of bridge collapse in Bihar shows no sign of stopping. There has been a bridge accident in Saran district once again. This time, the bridge built over the Gandak river collapsed near Dhod Sthana temple in Lahladpur block of the district. Due to continuous rain, the footings of this bridge started collapsing. After this, a part of the bridge sank into the river. The bridge was built almost 20 years ago in 2004 by the then independent MLA Manoranjan Singh alias Dhumal Singh.

Earlier, three bridges collapsed one after the other in Siwan district. Now after the collapse of the fourth bridge in Saran district, people have started questioning the policy and intention of the government. Local people say that it is raining in other states too, but it is raining only in Bihar. Traffic disrupted after accident: According to locals, communication between more than two dozen villages has been cut due to the collapse of this bridge over Gandak river.

Two dozen villages lost contact

Not only this, the movement of the people living in these villages outside the village has also been disrupted for their daily work. In which a big problem has arisen especially for the people living in two panchayat areas of Lahladpur block except Bhagwanpur Haat block because the Shravani Mela is going to be held here only after 20 days. Local people say that since there is no bridge now, those who wish to perform Jalabhishek in the temple have to travel at least six kilometers away.

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This bridge was built 20 years ago

People said that the demand for this police was going on for a long time. Keeping this demand in mind, 20 years ago the then MLA Dhumal Singh built this bridge with his personal funds. As this bridge was not repaired even once in these 20 years, it gradually became dilapidated and today such a big accident has happened with this bridge.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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