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Anil Parab’s most serious allegation, big upset in graduate elections!

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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There is a big twist in the Mumbai Graduate Election of Legislative Council. Because today Shiv Sena Thackeray Group candidate Anil Parab has made serious allegations against the Election Commission in a press conference. Actually, the hearing of the Shiv Sena MLA disqualification case is pending in the Supreme Court. Therefore, he demanded that the Legislative Council election be held after this election. Along with this, he has made serious allegations against the Election Commission. Anil Parab has objected to the graduate election. Many names registered by the Thackeray group have been canceled. Anil Parab has alleged that the applications filled by us have been rejected by deciding on them. Anil Parab said in the press conference that we should know why the names were leaked.

“Many of our names were included in the names registered by Shiv Sena. But nothing came. But we asked the reason for the names that did not come. We were told the reasons for that. But now the supplementary roll which was supposed to come long ago has been released four days ago. We had registered thousands of names in this supplementary roll, while registering, after filling the form, our form is checked. After checking we are given that slip. It means, I have filled the form. I am given the slip only when that form is checked and submitted. When my forms are rejected for some reason, some errors are recorded. Information about which documents are missing has been given. The reasons for rejecting such forms are given there”, Anil Parab said.

‘Our party’s names were decided and then ended’

“Now, in the list of 40,000, our party’s names have been finalised and deleted. We have a lot of slips, which tell you our form. Online registration is not accepted. My own daughter’s form has been rejected. Many such forms have been rejected in my house. Uploaded, accepted. But without giving any reason, a large number of names registered by our party have been deleted. Our allegation is that all the names registered by the BJP have come up”, Anil Parab said.

‘Everyone should vote’

“Before bringing this mess to our notice, we met Election Commission officials. There was an official named Kulkarni and the collector. We put forth all the points before them. Asked the reason for our application being rejected. Now four-five days are left. We have demanded that everyone should get a chance to vote. Now let’s see what they do. But the names that have gone from our party have been decided and removed,” alleged Anil Parab.

“Our Shiv Sainiks were sending five to ten forms. Because they allowed it. They have cancelled those names. Also, the name of a voter living in Bandra has appeared in Mulund. It has been decided that there is a fault in the system, an investigation should be done”, Anil Parab said.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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