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Anandi was a social media star, but destiny did not approve of her, her death was heartbreaking

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Social media is a platform where many people have got new identity and fame. Many people have reached different corners of the world just by posting their photos and videos on social media. Social media has saved the lives of many people. But when a social media star who rules the social media dies, the fans also get shocked. Now something similar has happened. A social media star has died at the age of 36.

Name the social media star who died at the age of 36 Farah Al Qadhi This is what happens. The Tunisian social media star is no longer in this world. The famous Farah died while on holiday in Malta. Farah is also known for the first series of ‘Love Island Malta’.

According to reports, Farah died while enjoying holidays on a yacht in Malta. Farah was enjoying her holidays. But destiny had something else in store for her. Farah suffered a heart attack while on the yacht and said goodbye to the world.

While boarding the boat, Farah suddenly fell down. After this, she was immediately taken out of the boat and admitted to the hospital. But by then it was too late. Even the doctors could not treat the social media star. Because Farah died by the time she reached the hospital.

Farah’s fans are also shocked by her death. No one is able to believe her death. Because Farah breathed her last at the age of 36. No one can say when, where, how or what will happen…

Talking about Farah, she also has more than 1 million fans on social media. According to her social media bio, apart from being a social media star, Farah was also an architect in a private company and the owner of Faif’s fashion brand Bazaar.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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