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Amravati: MP office sealed; Protect the edge of the administration outside; What is going on in Amravati?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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A high level drama of MP Public Relations Office

For the last two days, a high level drama has been going on in Amravati regarding the occupation of the MP office. However, the administration and police have come out openly in the dispute between BJP and Congress. The MP Public Relations Office has now been sealed again by the administration. Police has been deployed outside. The drama started when two MPs claimed one post.

Crimes against officials including MPs, MLAs

The challenge of breaking the lock of the MP Public Relations Office in Amravati Collectorate was faced by the Congress. A case has been registered against 15 to 20 Congress officials including MP Balwant Wankhade, MLA Yashomati Thakur. Yesterday, officials including MP Balwant Wankhade and Yashomati Thakur broke the lock of the MP office to occupy it.

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One office, two MPs

After the defeat, Navneet Rana handed over the office in the Collectorate on the 19th, the same day BJP Rajya Sabha MP Anil Bonde demanded the office. Yashomati Thakur, Balwant Wankhede broke the lock of the MP office in the Collectorate today and occupied it yesterday. The MP office, which was occupied by the Congress, was sealed again by the Collector’s office.

Dispute likely again

Yashomati Thakur was quite aggressive at this time. Now there is a possibility of another dispute starting with sealing again. The Collector’s Office has not yet given this MP office to anyone. So the Congress broke the lock and took possession. Everyone saw the aggressive form of the Congress after winning the Amravati seat. So there is no need to say that before the assembly, Amravati will be on the state map for some reason or the other.

What is the role of Navneet Rana?

Navneet Rana gave a letter to the District Collector saying that he is returning the MP Public Relations Office. In the letter, he had mentioned giving this office to the newly elected Congress MP Balwant Wankhede. He also congratulated Wankhede on his victory. The MP Public Relations Office in the Collectorate premises is for the farmers, farm laborers and the entire general public of the district. Therefore, he proposed to give it to the newly elected MP.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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