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Amol Mitkari: Why worry about who will win and who will lose? Amol Mitkari takes a dig at Congress, Congress MLA through Bhimtola poem

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Abhaang, Bhimtole each other through poetry

Ajit Pawar presented the state budget today. But after the Lok Sabha results, it was seen that there is no confusion in the grand alliance. Amol Mitkari faced the attacks of the grand alliance with malice. BJP and Shindesena are angry with Ajit Pawar faction. At that time, Amol Mitkari directly took the stand of starting a separate kitchen. Of course, he got the party’s ears pierced. Now not only the grand alliance but also the Congress put forth its side. This brought the storm between Congress and NCP Ajit Pawar out in the open. Talking to TV9 Marathi, Amol Mitkari and Congress MLA Kailash Gorantyal gave such advice through abhang, shayari.

Mitakari’s warning to BJP-Shindesena!

No one in the Mahayuti should try to defame Ajit Dada. Amol Mitkari said that both the constituent parties of the Mahayuti should not spoil their image by talking repeatedly. Earlier, Amol Mitkari had taken cognizance of the statements made by BJP leaders regarding Ajit Pawar. On the basis of that, he gave this warning today.

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This threat was given by Gorantyal

Amol Mitkari and Congress’ Kailash Gorantyal were together. On this occasion, Gorantyal showed what is going on in the Congress regarding Ajitdad. A meeting of Congress MLAs was held before the assembly session. Gorantyal said that if Ajit Pawar returns to NCP, he should not be accepted and the leaders of the Congress party should oppose him. In such a situation, it is being seen how the political equations are taking a turn in the state.

Ajit Pawar is the state hawk

Mitkari replied immediately. He said that this scam has come to light in Congress. But one thing also tells him that when one is an eagle bird, he does not need anyone’s hump to become the king of the party. After all Ajitdada is a person like the Garuda Party of Maharashtra. Tola Mitkari told Gorantyal that if someone is saying that they will be fine only if they come to us or do not bring them to us, then it is their gossip.

Why worry about who wins?

Ajit Dada is a brand of Maharashtra. During the period of Mahavikas Aghadi, the Congress party benefited the most from Ajit Dada. Even Uddhav Thackeray was not coming to the House. At that time Ajit Dada was giving life by sitting in the ministry. At that time Yashomati Tai was the Minister of Women and Child Welfare. Because of her, I feel that the Congress party should worry about the Congress.’ At this time Mitkari told that ‘Who lost, who won, why worry?’

Those in whose homes mothers sing sweet songs are big at heart

Those who are sweet are tainted by darkness,

Gorantyal left a mark through such poetry. So you say scorpion sting. Mitkari said, “Tisa durjan sarvangi”. There was a very good chemistry between these two.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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