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Ambani and PM Modi also attend this temple, Prasad is so much that counting is going on for two days.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Sanwaria Seth Temple, Chittorgarh

You must know about the temple of Sawariya Seth in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The same temple where from industrialist Ambani to Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also come to attend. At this time, many graces of Lakshmiji are showering on this temple. The temple treasury is overflowing. Donations in this treasury, which started on Monday morning, do not count. Over Rs 12 crore in cash and approximately the same worth of jewelery have been counted in just two days.

This situation is at a time when even 50 percent of the votes have not been counted. The counting of votes is likely to continue for the next three days. With this, it is estimated that there is an amount of more than 30 crore rupees in the treasury. Veer Bhoomi is the temple of Sanwariya Seth, the prestigious Krishna Dham in Mandfia town of Chittorgarh. The treasury of this temple is opened on the fourteenth day before the new moon of every month and the offerings are counted. This time the store opened on Monday.

12 crores received in two days

After this the temple committee and other employees together started the counting. In which cash was first separated from jewelery and gold and silver coins. On the evening of the first day when the first phase of counting was completed, Rs. 4 Crore 35 Lakh 40 thousand Matabar amount was calculated. After this, when the counting of votes started on Tuesday, by noon this figure had crossed 12 crores. According to the temple management, the counting of cash and ornaments will continue for the next three-four days.

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The offerings are spent for the development of 16 villages.

According to the temple committee, whatever prasad comes in the donation box of the temple is used for the maintenance and administrative expenses of the temple. Apart from this, a lot of expenditure is also spent on the convenience of the devotees. Not only this, the amount collected in Prasad is also spent on development works in 16 nearby villages. Chairman of the temple committee Bhairulal Gurjar said that all the members of the committee are present for the counting of prasad, these members include Sanjay Kumar Mandora, Bherulal Soni, Ashok Sharma, Mamtesh Sharma, Shambhu Suthar, Deputy Tehsildar Ghanshyam Jarwal, Security Officer Gulab. including Singh Rajput, Harlal Gurjar. Apart from this, the officers and employees of the bank are also called.

High profile people visit this temple

Let us tell you that every year Mukesh Ambani goes to this temple with his family and also donates openly. Apart from him, many other celebrities from industry and film world also come to visit this temple. Similarly, people connected with politics from Rahul Gandhi to Prime Minister Narendra Modi miss no opportunity to be present in Thakurji’s court. A lot of offers come due to many high profile people coming here. According to the way the temple gets its income, arrangements have also been made for the convenience of the devotees.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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