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Amazing! The father did not give his share in the property, the son again took away crores of rupees through this gambling

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A unique case has come to light from Godda in Jharkhand. Here a son finds a unique way to get a share of the property from the father. First, he himself told his father that he also wanted the same share in the property that his elder brother was getting. When the father was not satisfied, the son approached the law. Panchayats were also held. But when that didn’t happen, the son did something that made the whole area talk about it.

The son started moving around the neighborhood with his band. He played a band for hours in front of his father’s house. People were also surprised to see this. The case is from Mahagam area. Omprakash Shukla, who lives here, said that his ancestral land is in Mahuara, which the government bought for the construction of the railway for crores of rupees. Earlier the father had said that he would give equal share to both the sons. But later he retracted this.

Om Prakash said that for the last two months his father did not want to give money. He wanted to give all the money to his eldest son. After this a panchayat was also formed in the society. Om Prakash also approached the court for his share. But when that didn’t work, he adopted a unique method. He roamed the whole neighborhood with a group of musicians and reached outside his father’s house. Here he played the band for hours.

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The matter again reached the Panchayat

After playing the band like this in the area, the matter of Om Prakash once again reached the Panchayat. A panchayat was convened, which decided that both the sons would have to give an equal share to the father. Younger son Omprakash said that father has of course agreed that they will share the money equally. But he will continue playing the band like this until the money comes into his account.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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