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Alka Yagnik will never be heard again? What did the doctor say?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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In general, a person’s hearing ability gradually decreases with age. As we age or we reach the age of 70, the hearing ability starts to decrease. But in some cases, hearing loss can occur due to any disease or viral attack. Bollywood’s famous singer Alka Yagnik is facing such a problem these days. A few weeks ago, after getting off the plane, she suddenly lost her hearing ability. After this, she was diagnosed with rare sensorineural nerve hearing loss. Doctors told that he cannot hear due to the viral attack. But this has made many people wonder whether he will be able to hear again. Let’s know what experts say about this.

Father of cochlear implant in India Padmashree Dr. JM Hans while talking to ‘TV9 Bharatvarsh’ said that alka yagnik They can still be heard. He said there is still a ray of hope in this regard. “People usually think that once hearing stops, it is irreversible. But that is not the case,” he explained.

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Is treatment possible?

Dr. Sumit Singh, head of the neuro department at Artemis Hospital, while talking to ‘TV9 Bharatvarsh’ said, “This is a problem that can affect the hearing ability of any person. The cochlear nerve, which is located in the inner ear, sends sound signals to the brain. When this nerve is damaged, hearing stops. The easiest and best solution to this is surgery. This surgery is done for cochlear implant. After this, the patient recovers in just eight to 10 days.”

what are the symptoms?

The symptoms of sensorineural nerve hearing loss depend on its severity and location. Some common symptoms may include: – Difficulty understanding what others say – Buzzing or humming sounds – Persistent ringing, buzzing or hissing sounds in the ears – Difficulty hearing loud noises – Balance problems

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