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Akshara-Adhipati relationship blossoming; ‘Tula Shaukeen Chalach Khada’ series takes a new turn

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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‘Tula Shuken Good Lesson’ series

Marathi serials have a different audience. Marathi series and its characters make the audience feel close to them. The events of these serials make the audience feel as if they are happening in their home. The audience is involved in these series. The serial ‘Tula Shaukeen Chalchan Dhad’ on Zee Marathi is also liked by the audience. In this serial, the audience feels the relationship between Akshara and Adhipati. Now this series has reached a new turn. In the serial ‘Tula Shaukeen Chalchan Hada’, the relationship between Akshara and Adhipati is seen flourishing. The friendship of these two is gradually getting stronger.

Akshara confessed her love

The serial ‘Tula Shaukeen Chalachch Dhada’ is currently in a new phase. A few days ago, Akshara has expressed her love. She has accepted that she loves Adhipati. So the relationship between Akshara and Adhipati is now blossoming. The friendship of these two has now turned into love. Akshara tells Adhipati that she is proud of him. Akshara tells Adhipati that the relationship you earn is more valuable than money. So now it will be important to see how the relationship of these two progresses.

The craze of the song ‘Navra Hach Hawa’

The sequence of Vat Purnima has been shown in the serial ‘Tula Shukin Chalchach Dhadha’. The Vat Purnima special song ‘Navra Hach Hawa’ filmed on Akshara and Adhipati has become a topic of discussion on social media. In just 2 days, this song has crossed more than 10 lakh views on Instagram. This song made on the occasion of Vat Purnima is trending at the moment and reels are also being made on this song. The chemistry of Akshara and Adhipati is seen in this song.

The music director of this song is ‘Prafull- Swapnil’. The lyrics of this song are by ‘Mandar Cholkar’. This song is sung by ‘Veda Nerurkar’ in her melodious voice. This song is choreographed by ‘Amit Bang’. Compilation is by ‘Vinayak Pawar’, Sound Ideas Studio.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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