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Akash Anand returned to power after 47 days, this time increasing his stature in the BSP more than ever.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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BSP chief Mayawati has once again handed over a big responsibility to her nephew Akash Anand. He has again declared Akash as his successor. Akash has been made National Coordinator of BSP once. Thus his stature in BSP has increased more than ever. After 47 days he has become powerful once again. On May 7, Mayawati removed Akash from the post of national coordinator, calling him immature.

Along with this, the responsibility of succession was also taken away from him. After about a month and a half Akash has got all the responsibilities again. This time Akash Anand has been made the National Coordinator and has been given the responsibility of the entire country. Earlier he had the responsibility of the rest of the states of the country but he did not have the responsibility of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. This time Akash has also been entrusted with the responsibility of UP and Uttarakhand. Akash Anand has been made the star campaigner in the Punjab and Uttarakhand assembly by-elections.

This time Akash Anand’s size increased more than before.

Mayawati has made Akash Anand the number two star campaigner. A review meeting was held in Lucknow on Saturday. Mayawati called Akash Anand to her. Akash touched his feet and Mayawati blessed him by placing her hand on his forehead. Shortly after, news came that the BSP supremo had again appointed Akash Anand as the national coordinator and his successor. It is being said that Akash will now do all the work that Mayawati was looking after.

Akash Anand will handle the responsibility from ticket distribution to promotion. Not only this, Akash did not conduct reviews earlier but now he will also conduct review meetings. Will talk to coordinators of various states. will determine their responsibility. Will see the entire work of his area. We will strengthen the organization’s work in our area. Akash will see all the work of Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, Mayawati was watching. This is the area from where Kashiram ignited Dalit politics. Mayawati has been CM from here four times.

If the account is not opened in 2024, the BSP falls to zero

After losing power in 2012, the BSP’s graph continued to decline. BSP’s position in 2024 Lok Sabha elections has become worse than 1989. BSP could not win a single seat. The party’s vote share fell to single digits after decades. BSP’s vote percentage in UP is 9.39. At the same time, if we talk about the country, BSP’s vote percentage is only 2.04 across the country. In 1989, the BSP won two seats and the vote share was 9.90 percent. BSP is currently going through its worst times.

The decision to contest the elections alone proved wrong

Mayawati’s decision to contest the elections alone became a thorn in the side of the party. The decision to remove his nephew Akash Anand from the election campaign was also proved wrong. The way Akash was campaigning aggressively and energizing the Dalit youth after becoming the successor and national coordinator could have proved effective for the party, but after he stepped down as national coordinator, public sympathy shifted to the Congress. . SP This was the reason why BSP which won 10 seats in 2019 went to zero in 2024.

Akash Anand was attacked on 7th May

On the day of polling for the third phase of the Lok Sabha elections, Mayawati removed Akash Anand from the post of National Coordinator. Behind this he cited Akash as not mature. The BSP chief has canceled all programs related to Akash’s election campaign. Akash was removed from the post of national coordinator because of his offensive speech. Akash’s speech in Sitapur angered Mayawati. Akash is said to have made a controversial statement against the BJP in Sitapur. A case was also registered against Akash regarding this statement. But now Mayawati has given him a big responsibility once again. All their posts have been returned.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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