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Ajit Pawar’s claim that there will be an earthquake, ‘Yes’, will the big minister go to BJP?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Maharashtra politicians can do anything. Maharashtra came to power two years ago. The people of Maharashtra had no idea about the time when the government would change. Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde announced a Shiv Sena bandh and the eruption of Shiv Sena factions was unimaginable to the general public. But that happened. Especially in Maharashtra, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar became a member of this group a year after coming to power. Later, Ajit Pawar’s faction Nationalist Congress Party was recognized. Ata pulakhaloon branch pani vahun galan ahe. The Lok Sabha elections are over in the country. That Mahayutila suffered a major blow in the election. It is clear from the polls that to the people of Rajyachaya, Fodaphodichaya Rajyashala is ineffective. Therefore, the ruling party comes up with various schemes to convince the citizens through various means.

Especially in the state, there are assembly elections in the near future. Or will the ruling Ajit Pawar group stay united till mid-election? There is a vigorous debate going on about this. As the debate began, a former Maharashtra minister made a disturbing claim about Ajit Pawar being a senior minister in the party. The minister concerned has claimed that there is a possibility of joining the BJP or so the former minister has claimed.

Whose name and what is the claim?

Former Minister of Nationalist Congress Party Sharad Chandra Pawar Dr. Satish Patil made a disturbing statement in the Jalgaon meeting. Many people are in a frenzy because of his statement. Dr. Satish Patil has made the biggest claim about Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar’s party minister Anil Patil. Satish Patil made a statement that if most people leave Ajit Pawar then Minister Anil Patil will leave. During the Jalgaon period, President Sharad Pawar had a brainstorming and reflection meeting. Or Dr. Satish Patil made a statement in this regard in his speech in the meeting. His statements have sparked various debates in political circles.

What did Satish Patil say?

Referring to the visit of Union Water Power Minister CR Patil to Delhi, Minister Anil Patil made a statement in this regard. “Ajit Pawar’s former minister Anil Patil is in line to join BJP through CR Patil”, claimed Satish Patil. “BJP people are saying that Ajit will leave Dadna and contest the election. Accordingly the first experiment is being done by Minister Anil Patil. Ajit Dadanna is the first to drop better than Anil Patil. You have close ties in BJP. Accordingly, a senior leader informed that Anil Patil will join BJP”, Dr. Satish Patil said.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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