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Ajit Pavaranchi contested against Jitendra Awad, a staunch supporter of Awhad, in the Mumbra-Kalavyat Assembly.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Nationalist Congress leader Ajit Pawar has started preparations to trouble Sharad Pawar group’s aggressive MLA Jitendra Awad. Preparations have started to field Najeeb Mulla, a staunch supporter of Jitendra Awad at one time, against Jitendra Awad. This has created an iconic contest between Jitendra Awad and Najeeb Mulla in the Mumbra-Kalva assembly constituency. Najeeb Mulla is the Maharashtra Secretary of Ajit Pawar’s Nationalist Congress.

After the Lok Sabha elections, Ajit Pawar has started preparations for the assembly elections. Najib Mulla Angrika Muhurtwar Jitendra Awad is blowing the horn in front of him. Kalwa Mumbra is the fort of Jitendra Awad. People have been elected thrice in this place by large votes. So the Ajit Pawar group is making noise about various works in Kalwa-Mumbra assembly constituency.

Srikant Shinde will get the strength of the lesson

On the other hand, Shrikant Shinde also has a Lok Sabha constituency. Because of this Mahayuthikadu Najeeb Mulla will get a lesson in the assembly elections. Najeeb Mulla, once close to Jitendra Awad, has become a staunch supporter of Ajit Pawar after falling out with the nationalists. He has started public relations office in Kalwa-Mumbra assembly constituency after Thane.

This is also a contract

Najeeb Mulla says…

He does not do politics based on votes. We are here for development work, Tola Najeeb Mulla told Jitendra Awad on Tuesday. Our acceptance will be useful in relation to citizens’ problems. We also support the development of Mumbai. In our mind. His speaking is useless, such is the situation. Or, Najeeb Mulla said that whichever party will field a candidate from Mahayutti, he will be elected.

Me or Anand Paranjape

Najeeb Mulla has said whether I or Anand Paranjape will be a candidate in the assembly. His father is coming to Gada Bharat. That is why many people in his party have left the party. He has said that he will expose all his secrets.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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