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Agra: First eating dal and then breaking the safe, thieves stole goods worth lakhs from a businessman’s house.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Act of thieves in Agra

A shocking act of thieves has come to light in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra. A locked house in Malpura’s Kakuana Crystal Colony was targeted by thieves for theft. The thieves were so confident and fearless, they first arranged for worship in their stomachs. The thieves found that Dal Bati Churma was kept in the house. First the thieves mustered the strength for the labor of theft, then began the next program.

When the thieves were full, they searched the house for jewellery, money and idols and left after collecting everything they had. No one was present at the time of the theft. All the family members had gone outside, so the thieves escaped by taking advantage of the opportunity. When the family members returned, they were shocked to see the condition of the house.

what was stolen

Narendra Singh, who lives in Crystal Colony, said that he has a sweet shop. Thieves held a party in his house and left with all the valuables. He said that he had made dal bati churma at home before going out, but suddenly heard the news of his mother’s health and went to her. Seeing the lock of the house broken, the neighbors called him and said that the lock of his house was broken.

He returned to his house after getting information that the lock of his house was broken. Seeing the condition of the house, his senses flew away. Dal Bati Churma kept in the kitchen was missing and Ganesha-Lakshmi idol, Rs 2 lakh cash and several pieces of jewelery were missing from the house. The thief also stole utensils and clothes from the house and took them with him. Everyone is surprised to know about this act of thieves.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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