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After Pune, now in Kanpur… a rich man driving under the influence of alcohol crushed a young man, died

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Beat the Irrigation Department employee

In Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, a drunk driver ran over a youth, killing him on the spot. The deceased youth was going to buy vegetables near his house in the evening, when people in an oncoming car ran over him. There was chaos in the market when a car ran over a young man in the middle of the market.

When the car ran over the youth, bystanders caught hold of the car driver and found him to be drunk. All the people sitting in that car were drunk. As a result, the car rammed into a young man who was passing by and the car dragged him for 20 meters, killing him. After the death of the youth, the family members are crying.

Worked in irrigation department

In Kanpur, a youth named Ravindra died due to VIP culture and alcohol addiction. Drunken drivers ran over Ravindra, killing him. Ravindra Tiwari, an irrigation inspector posted in Kanpur’s irrigation department, was visiting Raina Market, a posh area of ​​the city, late at night. At the same time a car hit his car.

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After this, Ravindra got down from his car and stood in front of the car and asked the occupants of the car to get out. All the people sitting inside the car were drunk. All of them did not come out, instead they started driving slowly towards Ravindra and after a few minutes they ran over him. According to people present at the spot, many people were traveling in the car and were drunk. He started driving the car slowly and when Ravindra did not move, he drove over him. The car riders dragged Ravindra with the car for 20 meters.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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