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After oil, milk becomes more expensive in this state, it has gone up a lot

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Milk price has increased in Karnataka. The new rates will take effect from Wednesday.

After the elections, inflation began to increase in different states of the country. Karnataka has once again come to the fore. Following the increase in the price of fuel i.e. petrol and diesel, milk has also become more expensive in Karnataka. After this increase, it is considered certain that the burden on the pockets of common people will increase. The special thing is that with the increase in the price of milk, people will now receive 50 milliliters more of milk for each package. Earlier, Amul and Mother Dairy had also increased the price of milk. The main reason for this increase is said to be production. Which has been increasing continuously over the last 18 months. Let’s see how expensive milk has become in Karnataka.

milk price increase

A few days after the hike in fuel prices in Karnataka, the Karnataka Milk Federation on Tuesday announced a hike in milk prices. The new milk prices will take effect from Wednesday. According to data, Nandini milk prices will increase by Rs 2 per packet from Wednesday. However, consumers will now receive 50 ml of extra milk as 500 ml milk packets will be replaced by 550 ml packets and 1 liter packets will be replaced by 1.05 liter packets. Milk prices in Karnataka last increased in July 2023.

How much did it cost

Now the price of 500 ml of toned milk was Rs 22 and the price of 1000 ml packet was Rs 42, now the price of 550 ml and 1050 ml will be Rs 24 and Rs 44 respectively. Similarly, the price of Shubham’s 500 ml milk packet was Rs 23, now the price of 550 ml packet will be Rs 25. Similarly, the price of 1050 ml of milk will be Rs 50, while earlier the price of 1000 ml of milk was Rs 48. This increase will affect all Nandini packages.

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Which includes Toned Milk, Double Toned Milk, Homogenized Toned Milk, Homogenized Cow Milk, Special Milk, Shubham Milk, Samriddhi Milk, Homogenized Shubham Milk, Satisfaction Milk and Shubham Gold Milk. Elsewhere, Amul and Mother Dairy had increased milk prices by Rs 2 per liter each since June 3. The main reason for the increase in milk prices is the increase in the cost of production. Which has been increasing for more than a year.

Gasoline and diesel prices had increased

The Karnataka government has recently increased the prices of petrol and diesel. The sales tax on petrol increased from 25.92 percent to 29.84 percent, resulting in an increase of Rs 3.00. For diesel, it increased from 14.34 percent to 18.44 percent, which is an increase of Rs 3.02. After which, in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, the price of petrol became Rs 102.86 and the price of diesel became Rs 88.94 per litre. The BJP-led opposition had protested against this move.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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