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After many years, such a picture was seen in Parliament, when Modi and Rahul Gandhi came face to face…what happened?

Pratik Mehta

By Pratik Mehta

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There was no conflict between BJP and Congress in the Lok Sabha election battle. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was dominating Congress and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was also dominating BJP. Earlier, there have been many clashes between Rahul Gandhi and Modi in the Parliament. In the last ten years, these two leaders have never been seen laughing in the Parliament. But today’s occasion was special. Today these two leaders met each other. They smiled and shook hands. After many years, this picture was seen in the Parliament. Seeing these two leaders together, the faces of other MPs also looked cheerful.

Today was the Lok Sabha Speaker’s election. This time NDA again nominated Om Birla. Suresh was nominated by India Alliance. During this time votes were cast. Om Birla won in this. Then Prime Minister Narendra Modi and opposition leader Rahul Gandhi took Om Birla to the Lok Sabha Speaker’s chair. This time Modi and Rahul Gandhi came face to face for the first time. Both smiled and shook hands with each other. When both the leaders shook hands with each other, all the MPs were overwhelmed. The MPs welcomed both the leaders by clapping. After this, both the leaders took Om Birla to the President’s chair with respect. This picture was very unique for the Lok Sabha.

There will be a lot to learn

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Om Birla after he became the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. It is a great honour for you to hold this post for the second time. I congratulate you on behalf of the House. The next five years will guide us. Young and new MPs can learn a lot from you.’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, the warm smile on your face will double the happiness of this hall.

You will definitely be mentioned

Your working style as an MP is something that all MPs should learn from. You started the Swasth Shishu, Swasth Mata campaign. It is inspiring. You have worked to take health facilities to the villages. You have provided many facilities like blankets, clothes, shoes, boots, umbrellas to the poor. The parliamentary history of the 17th Lok Sabha was to be written in golden letters. The decisions passed through you, the reforms passed by the House, are your legacy and the legacy of the House. In future, when the functioning of Parliament will be analysed, the Lok Sabha under your chairmanship will definitely be mentioned, Modi concluded.

They won’t stifle our voice

Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi also congratulated Om Birla. The opposition party wants to cooperate with the government. The government has more political power. But the opposition is also representing India. We hope that you will give us a voice. Suppressing the voice of the opposition is anti-democracy. Rahul Gandhi said, we hope that you will help the opposition party.

Pratik Mehta

Pratik Mehta

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