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Afghanistan player’s explosive innings in the field, thirsty for semi-final but missed the chance, said Australia captain…

Ritul Pandey

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Afghanistan player’s angry innings in the middle of the ground

The final match of the Super 8 matches of the T20 World Cup was played yesterday. This match was played between Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The match was washed out due to rain and the Duckworth-Lewis rule was applied. A strange thing happened during this match. If Afghanistan wins this match, it will directly enter the semi-finals. So during this match we got to see a strange form. According to the Duckworth Lewis rule, Afghanistan was ahead by 2 runs. It was also raining at the same time. Afghanistan’s Gulbadin Naib tried to pass time by making an excuse of injury on the field, with the greed that if the match is stopped due to rain, his team can be declared the winner. He first looked towards his team’s coach. He did this after seeing the warning of his coach.

The incident is completely captured on camera. Now the video of that incident is going viral on social media. Australian captain Mitchell Marsh has now reacted to this incident. Actually, Australia got out of the T20 World Cup after the Afghanistan team defeated Bangladesh. If Bangladesh had won this match, Australia would have got a chance to reach the semi-finals. But Afghanistan’s victory dashed their hopes of reaching the semi-finals. After all these developments, now Mitchell Marsh has put his side on Gulbadin Naib’s fraudulent video. Mitchell has said that the relevant format is one of the funniest things in cricket.

What did Mitchell Marsh actually say?

Mitchell Marsh reacted to this incident to ‘’. “I was so laughing that I was in tears. But in the end it had no effect on the banana. So now we can laugh at it. But it was funny”, Mitchell says laughing. Many people are criticizing this move of Gulbadin Naib. Users on social media are giving mixed reactions to this incident.

“We wanted to play in the tournament. But it was not in our hands. Of course we are responsible for it. We were very disappointed when Bangladesh lost their last wicket. We were very keen to continue in the tournament. But now it suits Afghanistan. Afghanistan beat us and Bangladesh. So they are fit and deserve to be in the semi-finals”, commented Mitchell Marsh.

What actually happened?

Bangladesh had a target of 115 runs. Bangladesh had scored 81 runs for the loss of 7 wickets when Gulbadin Naib pretended to be injured. But according to the Duckworth-Lewis rule, Bangladesh’s team was trailing by 2 runs in the match. So Gulbadin Naib pretended to be injured on the advice of his coach. But the same Naib bowled two overs later and celebrated with his team after the victory.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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