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A tractor race like a Formula One car! mob trampled, 1 killed; many injured

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Tractor hit

A horrific accident took place during the game in Punjab’s Kapurthala district. One person was killed while several others were injured in the accident. The injured have been shifted to hospital for immediate treatment. Many people came here to watch the tractor race. The video of the accident has also been recorded in people’s cameras. The information about the accident has also been given to the police.

According to the information, a tractor race was organized in Phagwara of the district. Hundreds of people thronged to watch this tractor race, standing on the sidelines watching it. Tractors were also seized among the people. He was busy beating his opponent with top speed. People were very excited to see this match.

At the same time, a tractor suddenly lost its balance and ran straight into the crowd standing nearby. Many people were crushed one by one by the tractor. One person has died in this accident while several people are said to be injured. The accident was immediately reported to the police administration. After which the police reached the spot and arranged for the injured to be taken to the hospital and treated.

A video of the incident has also surfaced showing how an out-of-control tractor crushed a crowd standing nearby, raising questions over the local administration’s handling of the incident. How can such a big event finally happen? How are such incidents happening under the nose of the administration? Ratan Singh, who was injured by the tractor, has said that he had come to watch the race with his friend. Suddenly he was hit by a tractor.

Report – Devend Singh/Kapurthala.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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