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A three storied building was gutted by fire, a person including daughters was burnt alive…Thus wife and son were saved

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Three people died in a house fire in Gwalior

Heartbreaking news has come out from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. A father and his two daughters were burnt alive in a house fire here. After this incident, a sensation was spread in the entire area. Whoever heard it was stunned. Locals present at the spot informed the fire brigade about the fire in the house, after which the relief team reached the spot and tried to douse the fire. However, by the time the fire was extinguished, the entire house was burnt to ashes. With this, the voices of three people, which were often heard in the house, became silent.

The incident took place in Kailash Nagar area under Bahodapur police station area of ​​Gwalior city. A fierce fire broke out in a three-storey building here at around 1 am. The fire was so fierce that there was no chance of escape and the father and two daughters present in the house were burnt alive in the fire. Before this he tried hard to escape, he screamed for help. But his voice could not reach anyone.

In fact, dry fruit businessman Vijay Gupta was present with his two daughters in his three-storey house at the time of the fire. A fire broke out suddenly on Wednesday night. After this, neighbors along with other members of the Vijay Gupta family informed the police and fire brigade. The fire was so fierce that the 3-storey building was completely burnt to ashes.

Son and wife survived

The head of the household, Vijay Gupta, his elder daughter Anishka, 22, who was preparing medicine, and another daughter Yashika, 17, died in the fire. Fortunately, when the fire happened, the other members of the family ie deceased Vijay’s wife Suman and son Vansh had gone to their maternal uncle’s house. In such condition he survived the accident.

Seeing the flames, the surrounding people gathered in large numbers. Police Captain Dharamveer Singh Yadav also reached the spot. It is suspected that the dry fruits first caught fire and then the second floor also got engulfed in flames. It is suspected that the three people died due to suffocation. However, the investigation in this matter is going on.

What did the neighbors say?

Harsh Sharma, an eyewitness living in the neighborhood, said that he himself tried to save the family engulfed in fire, but could not do anything due to lack of timely help. He said that the fire brigade and ambulance reached the spot about 2 hours after being informed. However, efforts were made to save one of the daughters as she was breathing, but could not be saved due to lack of oxygen in the ambulance that reached the spot.

After this incident, a wave of mourning was again felt in Kailash Nagar. A laughing family lost their lives in this sudden fire. Currently, the bodies of the father and both the daughters have been sent for postmortem.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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