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A split in the Pawar family? What is Rohit Pawar’s controversial law?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Reunification is not possible for the Pawar family, 70 percent of the family is on one side and one family on the other. Sunanda Pawar, a member of the Pawar family and daughter of MLA Rohit Pawar, has passed a shocking law that Ajitdada will not allow Ajitdada to gather near his land. During the Lok Sabha elections, the battle of Baramathi is for the highest level of Laksh Vedhun Ghetlan. After the split in the nationalists two factions like Sharad Pawar group and Ajit Pawar group formed and started accusation-counter politics. As soon as the Lok Sabha elections were announced, Ajit Pawar announced that he would field a candidate from Baramati against Supriya Sule and his wife Sunetra Pawar also announced her intention to contest. Pawar vs. Pawar, such a face-off, literally started a pitched battle for the elections in Baramati. Ajit Pawar vs Full Pawar Kutumb as Chitra Dislam. This time Ajit Pawarani made several allegations.

Vijay Jhala and Supriya Sule Yamchha only in Baramati elections. Taiyan Sunetra Pawar gets big votes, Harwalan. With Supriya Suleni portraying the role of Galan Gangela, the question of whether the Pawar family will reunite and whether the Pawar family will come back together has started to crop up in the minds of common people. Only MLA Rohit Pawar came and the words of Pawar family member Sunanda Pawar make it clear that this is not possible now.

What did Sunanda Pawar say?

Later, when the elections were announced and the candidature for Baramati was announced, my family’s state of mind was quite different. This will create tremendous tension. But the election had to be contested. So we decided to stay with (Sharad Pawar) sir before the election was announced. 70 percent of the families are with Sahib and one family has moved aside due to the change in ideological role.

It is right to gather here to celebrate, but the ideological differences have become so severe, the mind is so sad, the level of language has become so empty, so many wounds have been inflicted, that is why it is not possible. The Pawar family will come together again. Ajitdada will not allow Ajitdada to gather as soon as he goes to ground, said Asantya.

There is talk that Rohit Pawan will be given a bigger responsibility for the new party. He certainly reposed faith in Rohit.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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