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A severed finger has become a mess for everyone! 100 ice creams may have an infection, a blood test will tell

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A human finger was found in the ice cream.

On June 13, a severed human finger was found in ice cream in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Police investigation is going on in this matter. Meanwhile, Malad Police has given one more information. Police said blood samples have been taken from the employee whose finger was cut. His medical has also been done. To know if he has any serious illness. Had his blood spilled onto the ice cream while cutting his finger, it would have contaminated more than 100 ice cream cones. If an employee is diagnosed with a serious illness, those 100-plus ice cream eaters may also be at risk.

On June 13, a woman in Malad, Mumbai ordered 3 ice creams to eat through an online app. The woman opened the ice cream packaging as soon as it was delivered. He was about to eat it when he saw a human finger in the ice cream, the woman freaked out. A scream came out of his mouth. Nervously he put the ice cream first. He felt that he might have been cheated. But when he looked at the ice cream again, he realized it was actually a 2 centimeter human finger.

This ice cream was from Yummo company.

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The woman immediately informed her family about this. Later, Malad police was also informed about this. The police reached the spot and sent the ice cream along with the human finger for testing. Based on the woman’s complaint, the police registered a case against Yammo Ice Cream Company. The finger turned out to be human. After this the police reached Yammo Ice Cream Factory Pune. An investigation revealed that an employee’s finger had been cut while working a few days earlier. After that, the police conducted a medical examination of the person. His blood test was also done. Now the medical report is awaited. After that further action will be taken.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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