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A man had four wives… stole jewelry for the third to please the fourth

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The wife beat the husband a lot

A brother in Bengaluru, Karnataka got married not one, two, three but four times. Without telling anyone, the guy got married four times non-stop. Not only this, this man stole his third wife’s jewelery and gifted it to the fourth. This man also has 6 children from his four wives.

The man had given around 50 grams of gold belonging to his third wife to his fourth wife, when his son came to know about the jewelery missing from the house, he asked her to leave the house and beat up his father. Police have registered a complaint in this matter.

Bhaktavatsal is a government employee

Bhaktavatsal, who has been married four times, works as a second grade assistant in ‘Krishna Bhagya Jal Nigam’. He married four in succession and married all of them without divorcing anyone. Bhaktavatsal also has 6 children from four wives. Bhaktavatsal’s first wife is Kavita, second wife is Savitri, third wife is Nagaratnamma and fourth wife is Padmavati. He had four illegal marriages one after the other. Bhaktavatsal stole the jewelry of the fourth wife’s third wife, the information about which came to the knowledge of his son. Son, I was very angry after knowing this.

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Bhaktavatsal said that his wife and all wives quarreled among themselves. He is very upset with all of them. To please the fourth wife, he stole the jewelry of the third wife, about which the son found out and beat the father. Son and mother together beat Bhaktavatsal severely. He was subjected to a barrage of slaps and kicks. Grabbing the husband Dev by his collar, the wife hit him hard and dragged him away. Bhaktavatsal could not even run away to save his life and was badly beaten.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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