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A fan was brutalized in front of the actress, he was begging for his life but she…

Ritul Pandey

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Kannada actor Darshan Thugudepa has killed his own fan. The actor is currently in jail for the murder of Renukaswamy. A new update has come out in this case. According to media reports, it is being said that actress Pavitra Gowda was also present at the crime scene. Because she wanted to see Renukaswamy being tortured. A PTI report has already revealed that it was Pavitra who instigated Darshan to teach Renukaswamy a lesson.

Renukaswamy was kidnapped from her native place Chitradurga on June 8. She was then taken 200 km away to Bengaluru where she was locked in a warehouse. After this, 17 people including Darshan and Pavitra beat Renukaswamy so badly that she died.

Renukaswami was given electric shock

The accused also gave Renukaswamy electric shocks. This has been confirmed in the post-mortem report. He was beaten with sticks and injured in many parts of his body. Not only this, his body was then thrown into a drain. When the body was found, it was found that one of his ears was also missing. There were injury marks on Renukaswamy’s private parts as well.

After Darshan’s arrest, his co-star Anusha Rai has given her reaction. She is surprised about Darshan’s involvement in this case. Anusha said that he gets angry very quickly but he is a very good person. People talk to him carefully because he gets angry quickly. When I talk to him, I stay within my limits. Darshan himself has talked about his anger in many interviews.

40 lakh rupees were given to destroy the evidence

It was also revealed that Darshan had borrowed Rs 40 lakh from his friend to erase the evidence of the murder. Darshan himself has confessed this to the police. According to the police, Darshan told during interrogation that he had borrowed Rs 40 lakh from his friend Mohan Raj so that he could give money to his accomplices to erase the evidence of the murder.

Darshan has been in jail since June 11

Darshan has been in jail since June 11 for the murder of 33-year-old Renukaswamy. Police investigation so far has revealed that the 33-year-old deceased Renukaswamy was a fan of actor Darshan. In January 2024, Kannada actress Pavitra Gowda celebrated her 10th anniversary with Darshan. But they had an argument as Darshan was already married. This made Renukaswamy very angry. He messages Pavitra and asks her to stay away from Darshan. Initially Pavitra ignores his messages, but later Renukaswamy starts threatening her by sending objectionable messages. According to police sources, after this Darshan and Pavitra conspired to murder Renukaswamy.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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