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A day before the martyrdom, Captain Anshuman celebrated 50 years, his wife tearfully expressed her pain.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A memory while opening letters of remembrance

Seeing the pictures of martyred Captain Anshuman and wife Smriti on social media, everyone’s emotions are overwhelmed. It’s not easy to see love in college, marriage, and then everything falling apart in an instant. Trying to contain all the expressions on her face, when Smriti arrived at the Rashtrapati Bhawan for the investiture ceremony 2024 to honor her husband’s martyrdom, everyone was teary-eyed. Perhaps everyone who has seen the pictures can feel this pain and suffering.

Smriti had a smile on her face while narrating the story of her love and marriage with the captain after 8 years. Maybe that smile was describing a time when the two were together and happy. He admitted in their conversation that it was love at first sight when the two met on their first day of college. Both met in an engineering college, but later the captain took admission there as he was also selected in medical, after which they got married after 8 years.

Dreams were woven the night before martyrdom

Within two months of the marriage, Army Medical Corps Captain Anshuman Singh was deployed to Siachen. Smriti said that during the posting on July 18, the captain and Smriti had a lot of discussions about the next 50 years. What might their lives be like in the next 50 years? Both were clinging to their dreams, talking about their beautiful home, children and every moment of what they wanted to do. But that beautiful palace of dreams was destroyed by a call the next morning. For 7-8 hours it felt as if the ground had slipped from under his feet. But it is said that what is allowed by fate always happens.

With tears in her eyes, Smriti says that she still finds it hard to believe that the captain is no longer with her, but when Captain Anshuman is awarded the Kirti Chakra posthumously, some confidence is moving towards the fact that yes. Not really with him.

What happened that night in Siachen?

In Siachen, fires were lit in tankers and bunkers to protect themselves from the freezing cold. Captain Anshuman Singh was posted as the Medical Corps of the 26th Battalion of the Punjab Regiment. 19th July was the date when the bunker caught fire. Due to strong cold winds, the flames in the bunker continued to grow. The captain put aside his own concern for the safety of the three families and jumped into the fire to save them all. The captain was badly burnt in the incident. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition, where he died during treatment.

My death will be no ordinary memory

While talking to his wife, Captain Anshuman used to say, I will not die like this and my departure from this world will not be normal. Smriti said that it seemed as if Anshuman’s words had come true. He saved three families of Sena. Sacrificing his life, he rescued the other soldiers from the bunker. Gradually Smriti is now accepting this decision of fate, and is proud of the captain’s martyrdom.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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