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A clean chit to the organization of the BJP task force, are there any other reasons for the defeat in UP?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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UP CM Yogi Adityanath, Deputy CM Keshav Maurya and President Bhupendra Chaudhary

Narendra Modi’s first visit to Varanasi after becoming PM for the third time has come to an end. UP CM and both the Deputy CMs welcomed him. He also met the state president of BJP. PM Modi also met MLAs from Varanasi, but there was no discussion on BJP’s poor performance in UP.

This time PM Modi won in Varanasi by just 1.5 lakh votes. Why did it finally win with so few votes? This too was not reviewed. It is being said that PM Modi has not asked anyone any question on this issue.

This time BJP has won only 33 Lok Sabha seats in UP. It lost 29 seats. Out of the 14 seats it lost in the last election, the party managed to win only one seat. BJP has won the Amroha Lok Sabha constituency in western UP. The responsibility for the lost seats was given to the party’s national general secretary Sunil Bansal. There has been silence in the BJP camp since the Lok Sabha elections.

How should poor performance be reviewed and by whom?

On June 13, an important meeting was held in this matter at the party office in Lucknow. In which it was decided that all 80 Lok Sabha seats will be reviewed. Whether the party wins or loses. For this, a team of 40 BJP leaders was formed, which has been named a task force. He is tasked to find out all the reasons for the defeat.

All the BJP leaders of the task force were given the responsibility of two Lok Sabha seats. They were told to go into the field to find out why the party was not going well. A deadline of June 20 was given for this. BJP state president Bhupendra Chaudhary himself decided to review Amethi, while organization general secretary Dharampal Singh will review Rae Bareli.

The meeting was held on June 13 but many party leaders have not yet started visiting the Lok Sabha constituencies. Senior BJP leader Mahendra Singh, who was a minister in the Yogi government, has not started work yet. Gazipur inspector Vidya Bhushan is also in a similar situation. Some party leaders were busy preparing for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Varanasi. Keeping all these things in mind, the state leadership of BJP has now extended the date of submission of the report to 25 June.

There are some BJP leaders who have also prepared their report. Vijay Bahadur Pathak has completed his work by going to the field.

The final review of UP will be held in Delhi

Like UP, the BJP’s performance in the Lok Sabha elections was worse than expected in several other states of the country. A series of meetings of the central leadership of the party with the core committee of such states has started.

Assembly elections are also going to be held in these states soon. BJP leaders from Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand have held a meeting in Delhi. UP’s turn can also come anytime. Before this, the UP unit of BJP wants to complete its homework.

Why BJP lost, as many words, as many words

Many reasons are being given for BJP’s poor performance in UP. As many mouths, as many words. But there is a consensus on several reasons that BJP’s large vote bank has shifted to Bharat Gathbandhan in the name of protecting the constitution and reservations. There was anger among the people against the Lok Sabha candidates.

Regarding this, a senior leader of the party said that the anti-incumbency of the candidates is dominating the popularity of PM Modi. Party workers were less active in this election. Caste arithmetic was effective on nationalist issues. Many candidates contesting the elections have also alleged internal corruption.

From MPs Jagdambika Pal, Sakshi Maharaj to defeated candidate RK Singh Patel, they have also revealed the names of the leaders who killed them. Some leaders involved in the task force say that the organization did its work with full sincerity. There was no shortage of arrangements from booth management, election campaigning to rallies and road shows.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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